The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most cost-effective direct marketing method, enabling marketers a degree of targeting along with the luxury of full tracking and analytics to measure and tweak results. By allowing direct delivery of targeted marketing message to voluntary recipients, an email marketing campaign can ensure business owners a solid ROI and deliver high-margin revenue.

It also allows for the possibility to test new ideas and closely track metrics. As a result, it remains an increasingly popular form of direct marketing among online business consultants and business owners alike, with growth far outstripping other marketing channels. 
So what are the benefits of this marketing avenue, and to what extent does it represent an attractive option for businesses looking to generate more sales leads?
The benefits of email marketing are multifaceted, and have seen it rise to one of the most commonly used direct marketing channels by online business consultants and business owners. By 2011, as use of it continues to grow, it is projected that sales generated from it will reach $37 billion. Because of the targeted nature of this kind of marketing, particularly with double opt-in subscribers, selling to email prospects is almost as easy as selling to customers in a shop: once they’re through the door, a certain percentage will certainly buy from you.
On average, it takes an average of communications with a prospect before they spend any money. With email marketing, you have the opportunity to build this proximate relationship and effectively and quickly turn lukewarm leads into sales. What’s more, with very little cost associated with sending email marketing messages, the benefits for your business can be profound. 

It’s also important to bear in mind that over time, you will have the opportunity to refine and test different campaign factors, to generate a closer relationship that generates even more in revenue in the future. Working with online business consultants to refine your marketing plan and email campaign, it is possible to constantly revise the formula upwards to deliver even more of a return on your campaign spend.
Email marketing opt in subscribers are also low-cost leads going forward, making it a popular marketing method for online business consultants. The cost of attracting a new lead is 5 to 10 times more expensive than retaining and selling to an existing one, thus capturing leads and marketing through an email autoresponder makes for an opportunity to sell to the same prospects going forward, multiple times over. Not only does this increase revenue per lead, but also decreases or even eliminates the cost of attracting new leads, to ultimately deliver more profit, regardless of the sector in which you operate.
Thus the advantages of implementing email marketing make it a worthwhile practice for a growing number of businesses. Most online business consultants will tell you the benefits of email marketing and the impact it can have on your business. Low-cost and high0impact, email marketing is fast becoming the mainstay of many businesses’ online marketing, delivering a measurable return on investment and driving more fresh sales prospects in the process.

Direct Mail Strategies in 2 Punches

How many of us receive direct mail postcards or mail? I received one the other day on weight loss and I’m in no need to lose any weight. It was a decent piece and I kept it to for my swipe file. Nevertheless, you may get these direct mail pieces and pay attention to them or toss them out.

In my life, I’ve only responded to perhaps one or two of those things because I kind of didn’t trust some unless it was a well known local or big business.

The people I responded to offered me a service using an old, time tested, marketing method in two simple punches:

Punch 1: Generate a lead – Got me to call their 800 number, fill out a form online, or email them.

Knock Out Punch 2: Provided the requested information – They provided me via phone or Internet the information I was looking for and they clearly delivered on it.

What is the great deal about this one two punch system?

It is way easier and cheaper to create a lead (interested customer) than it is to try to sell some in one punch. In boxing the idea is to knock the other guy to the mat or at least out last him before the bell rings right?

So that would require taking small punches or jabs at him and eventually wearing him down rather than swing barbarically, wasting time and energy. The same philosophy is to be made in business when marketing or advertising.

With direct mail strategies, you do not want to the prospect to give up their money initially. You want them to wear down, which is equivalent to getting them comfortable with you, then you knock them out with a great offer.

A great way to do this is with the use of postcards. They are relatively contemptible and you can promote them to a targeted audience of prospects and customers to generate leads (inquiries of your products or services). After this you’d simply follow up with them and turn them into sales. This is called a conversion.

One of the most important things this does in addition is it helps create a list of people who are interested (slightly or heavily) in what you have to offer. You can continue to follow up with that person that didn’t complete the sale, with future offers until they finally buy.

You’ve seen that process where you sign up with something and didn’t buy but they kept sending offers once in a while and finally you saw something you wanted and purchased. That is direct mail or direct marketing at its finest.

It’s vital to get the information of the people who respond to your direct mail piece and follow up with them. This will help you increase future sales with very little effort. It should be your company policy to always follow up with your list or leads of interested customers.

The Most Successful Use of Postcards:

Your postcard is only to engage interest in the mind of your prospect in order for them to take an action in contact you. The purpose is to get their information and not money. The postcard only wants to get contact information of interested people.

The first punch is to get interest, the second punch is to get them to a response, by calling, signing up, or emailing.

You should have three (3) parts in your postcard message:

  • A clear statement of the biggest benefit of your product or service (in long distance phone service a cost savings would be a great benefit)
  • A good reason for them to contact you NOW (limited time offer)
  • A simple, easy way for them to respond (an 800 number or website for example)

Keep it brief, I mean it is on a postcard for crying out loud. Shorter messages produce more leads than longer ones.

Here is an example I’ve done:

What 99% of Teachers Don’t Know and Will Never Find Out About How to Explode Their Students Subject Interest

Call 800-777-1212 for Your Copy of Our Free Report:

Offer ends 9-5-09 (Print a date less than 3 weeks from your mailing date to create some urgency).

Of course you mail this to teachers and you have a free report ready for them! Many will respond simply to find out what they don’t know. And since they responded you have their info to sell to them in the future with an offer that fits them best.

This method works and is sure to produce a large number of inquiries if sent to your proper targeted market. This 2 Punch Marketing System Works. Use the tips you have read here to create your next postcard’s message and just watch what happens.

You will generate a bunch of leads from people who are truly interested in your products and services.

Due Daniels

The Role of Content and Article Marketing

It is always important to ensure customers can find your affiliate marketing or other online businesswebsite. In order to do this, various means of marketing are available. However, especially in today’s economy, some traditional forms of marketing are proving to be too expensive as well as not have a significant return on investment.

Because of this expense, many web site owners are turning to article marketing as a means to get their content exposed to the general public. All you need is to know how to write articles and submit them to directories.

Article marketing means that you write an article on a topic that is relevant to your site and then publish it on another website. The most common places to post articles are article directories, blog sites, social networking sites, forums and newsletters.

Article marketing allows others to be exposed to your material and return to your source site for additional information.

Article marketing is a great way to support SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. The way this works is that content is developed for other sites and it links back to your site. This provides back links that are highly valuable in increasing your search engine rankings.

In addition, it exposes your content to others who are likely to republish your material or refer to it from their own sites or profiles on social networking sites. It increases the number of visitors who visit your site as well as increases back links. Both increased traffic and a variety of back links directly influence your search engine rankings.

Before you start an article marketing campaign you must first know how to write articles and find suitable content to write about. You need to research ideas and your particular niche to ensure relevant content.

Consider the type of business you own and what information your users may find valuable. Create a list of various topics that may be useful to your readers. Then, write articles that are at least four hundred words and submit them to the various sites. Your content should be of high quality and useful as well as relevant to your primary business niche.

There are many different article directories available online and submitting your articles to each one can prove time consuming. However, there is a way to cut the amount of time you spend submitting the articles you write. There are services available that will take your single article and submit it to multiple sites at once. This accomplishes in one step all you need to without incurring a lot of time or effort.

Many article services are free or available at a nominal cost. Even if you choose to go with a paid submission site, the return on investment is well worth the small price that is paid.

When submitting your article marketing to sites, though, the most important part is effective use of the author box. This is the area of the article where you can give a few sentences that directly promote your site and give the reader information about your business.

They are called resource boxes, author boxes or author bios. You should write two to three sentences about your business, what it offers and always include a link to your site.

Using the author box effectively enables you to provide an automatic back link to your site that will increase your search engine rankings. It not only has a direct result in search engine rankings but also allows readers of the article to directly browse to your website, increasing your traffic.

An article marketing campaign is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to increase exposure to your site, subsequently increasing the odds of additional sales.