Direct Mail Strategies in 2 Punches

How many of us receive direct mail postcards or mail? I received one the other day on weight loss and I’m in no need to lose any weight. It was a decent piece and I kept it to for my swipe file. Nevertheless, you may get these direct mail pieces and pay attention to them or toss them out.

In my life, I’ve only responded to perhaps one or two of those things because I kind of didn’t trust some unless it was a well known local or big business.

The people I responded to offered me a service using an old, time tested, marketing method in two simple punches:

Punch 1: Generate a lead – Got me to call their 800 number, fill out a form online, or email them.

Knock Out Punch 2: Provided the requested information – They provided me via phone or Internet the information I was looking for and they clearly delivered on it.

What is the great deal about this one two punch system?

It is way easier and cheaper to create a lead (interested customer) than it is to try to sell some in one punch. In boxing the idea is to knock the other guy to the mat or at least out last him before the bell rings right?

So that would require taking small punches or jabs at him and eventually wearing him down rather than swing barbarically, wasting time and energy. The same philosophy is to be made in business when marketing or advertising.

With direct mail strategies, you do not want to the prospect to give up their money initially. You want them to wear down, which is equivalent to getting them comfortable with you, then you knock them out with a great offer.

A great way to do this is with the use of postcards. They are relatively contemptible and you can promote them to a targeted audience of prospects and customers to generate leads (inquiries of your products or services). After this you’d simply follow up with them and turn them into sales. This is called a conversion.

One of the most important things this does in addition is it helps create a list of people who are interested (slightly or heavily) in what you have to offer. You can continue to follow up with that person that didn’t complete the sale, with future offers until they finally buy.

You’ve seen that process where you sign up with something and didn’t buy but they kept sending offers once in a while and finally you saw something you wanted and purchased. That is direct mail or direct marketing at its finest.

It’s vital to get the information of the people who respond to your direct mail piece and follow up with them. This will help you increase future sales with very little effort. It should be your company policy to always follow up with your list or leads of interested customers.

The Most Successful Use of Postcards:

Your postcard is only to engage interest in the mind of your prospect in order for them to take an action in contact you. The purpose is to get their information and not money. The postcard only wants to get contact information of interested people.

The first punch is to get interest, the second punch is to get them to a response, by calling, signing up, or emailing.

You should have three (3) parts in your postcard message:

  • A clear statement of the biggest benefit of your product or service (in long distance phone service a cost savings would be a great benefit)
  • A good reason for them to contact you NOW (limited time offer)
  • A simple, easy way for them to respond (an 800 number or website for example)

Keep it brief, I mean it is on a postcard for crying out loud. Shorter messages produce more leads than longer ones.

Here is an example I’ve done:

What 99% of Teachers Don’t Know and Will Never Find Out About How to Explode Their Students Subject Interest

Call 800-777-1212 for Your Copy of Our Free Report:

Offer ends 9-5-09 (Print a date less than 3 weeks from your mailing date to create some urgency).

Of course you mail this to teachers and you have a free report ready for them! Many will respond simply to find out what they don’t know. And since they responded you have their info to sell to them in the future with an offer that fits them best.

This method works and is sure to produce a large number of inquiries if sent to your proper targeted market. This 2 Punch Marketing System Works. Use the tips you have read here to create your next postcard’s message and just watch what happens.

You will generate a bunch of leads from people who are truly interested in your products and services.

Due Daniels

Direct Marketing – Is it For Real?

You may be considering to market certain product or goods and deciding on the kind of marketing to proceed with. You have been vaguely exposed to direct marketing and wondered if it is worth any consideration at all. We shall now observe direct marketing closely to assist you in making your decision.What actually is direct marketing? To simply put it, direct marketing is marketing that delivers some promotional message directly to an individual or potential customers.There are various benefits to direct marketing, to name a few of which are : ability to provide targeted information to a demographically targeted audience, ability to measure the amount of marketing you paid for and whom it reaches out to.Your marketing dollar would have been spent wisely by targeting a specific group of people. You will not be wasting your money on marketing to people who have no interest whatsoever in your products.A well planned direct marketing campaign can certainly bring in many buyers. You are able to test the market without spending a huge sum of money while at the same time you are able to have more control over your marketing budget.Direct marketing enables you to develop a distinct personality for your business. It can help enhance the image of your business, provide your clients and customers the much needed information about your company while persuading them to consider ordering from you.The disadvantages to direct marketing are that they are not always something you may think about when considering to market your product or goods. A negative side to direct market mailings is that people often consider it to be junk mail. As junk mail is often thrown away or disposed without even being read, your money might be wasted in your effort to gain business. Furthermore, your direct mail might be competing against dozens other companies who might be using the same kind of marketing technique that you did.If you do not have a precise marketing plan, you may incur a relatively high cost per contact in direct marketing.Each and every business can increase their profit and at the same time make more sales by marketing. The only key is to find a way to reach out to the masses and market as relatively inexpensively as possible. Your achievement or success will depend on the method of marketing that you use as well as in the way you present your information or details about your company.With direct marketing you may want to define your target group. This should be the group of people you may want to target mail to. This will certainly help you to directly target the groups that will be most interested in the items you want to sell.Direct marketing can either works well for your company or may not be effective at all. It will greatly depend on you. You should define your marketing strategy and conduct some research into it before you even proceed with your marketing.

Are You Scooping Out Plain Vanilla Marketing?

There’s nothing wrong with plain vanilla ice cream. In some cases, like when it’s paired with warm apple pie, it can be a delicious experience. But when your marketing is like plain vanilla ice cream; then you have a problem on your hands. That’s because plain vanilla marketing lacks uniqueness. It lacks any special flavors. It lacks any pretty colors. It’s just plain boring and ordinary. Worst of all, there’s nothing about it that makes it stand out with all the other plain vanilla marketing efforts of every other business that’s competing with you to capture the attention of your target.

When you realize that the average American gets hit with about 1500 marketing messages per day and a good majority of those marketing messages are your run-of-the-mill plain old vanilla type of marketing; you begin to understand that plain and ordinary marketing just isn’t going to cut it anymore in this highly competitive environment.

People get so much plain vanilla marketing shoved in front of their faces every day, they’ve developed a natural immunity to it – vanilla marketing almost becomes invisible to them. They subconsciously block it out. If you want to cut through the sea of plain vanilla marketing, then you must make your marketing speak directly to your audience. You do that by 1) being unique and 2) being personal.

You can be unique by doing things differently that everyone else. In direct mail, being unique means that you’re sending lumpy mail pieces, or mail pieces that are unusually large or colorful – anything that’s different from your competitors. You can be personal by giving up the corporate tone of voice and handwriting the address on the envelope, or at least use a font that mimics handwriting. Another tactic for sending “personal” mail is instead of using metered postage, spend the time to buy PeanutsĀ® postage stamps or postage stamps featuring Elvis or some other celebrity. Why? Simply because that’s what a friend or family member would do – not a corporation.

As a prime example, take your typical trip to the mailbox on any given day. You go and get your stack of mail and then you stand there next to the trash can dumping all those credit card offers, postcards, coupons and everything else that looks like junk mail into the trash without so much as opening them up. But then you come across a red envelope that has your address handwritten on it with a Mickey Mouse postage stamp. You open it up and find a card from your Mother inside. What got you to open that card up while you tossed the rest in the trash? The answer is that it was different, unique and personal. It stood out amongst the other plain vanilla envelopes and junk mail. It looked like a human being actually sat down and took the time to send it to you rather than a robot on an assembly line. That uniqueness is what works in marketing and you need to integrate that into your marketing strategies.

At a time when companies are trying to portray themselves as big, intimidating and powerful, it’s really the informal and personal which gets past the barriers and gets through – that’s how you stop scooping plain vanilla marketing and start dishing out unique flavors that stand out.