Build Your Online Business Via Article Marketing and Gain Improved Page Rank

Affiliate marketing demands trying various methods for building your business. There’s the tried and true method of traditional word-of-mouth marketing. There are also the old standbys of banner advertising and text linking. However, for improving page rank faster and hence your online income, article marketing is a preferred method.What is article marketing? How does article marketing improve page rank? What else does it improve? The answers to those three questions follow. This information is to help you begin your own article campaign today.Article marketing is the distribution of your articles to website owners, editors, publishers, and newsletters across the Internet. Utilize an article distribution service and they do the work for you. Submit your article once, and they engage in widespread distribution to popular publishers.A good article distribution service gets your articles to specialty publishers, not just general interest publications. You want your articles reaching your niche audience, those who already have an interest in your topics. This is vital to gaining pre-sold traffic that converts into customers. After all, you’re an affiliate marketer whose goal is to earn a significant online income.So, how does article marketing improve page rank? It improves page rank by ensuring your links receive distribution, wide and deep, across the Web. First, choose an article distribution service who allows unlimited article submission. The more you submit relevant, informative articles, the more editors publish them. The result is a higher page rank with a major search engine.The better article distribution services deal with thousands of top-notch, reputable publishers. This ensures you get widespread coverage of your articles. In addition, you get great exposure for those valuable links nestled in your author’s resource box. Those links are the foundation of building quality traffic to your website.A good article marketing service will also continually distribute your articles. It’s not a “once off” with them. They distribute your articles over time. The result is your links keep increasing. Increased links are the engine that drives a higher page rank.Major search engines love when popular sites publish your articles. They deem you as relevant to their users. The more you engage in article submission through a quality article distribution service the more backlinks you gain. Publication of one article creates a backlink. However, so does the reprinting of that same article. As fresh, relevant links build over time; your page rank with a search engine grows exponentially.That’s why it’s important to garner backlinking to your website. How much traffic a site receives is an indication of how relevant you are on the Internet. When you are relevant, search engines desire to rank you higher. That’s because your site is helpful to users of their search engine service. Of course, the more that people use their service the faster it drives up their ad revenue. Be relevant to them and the search engine will reward you.What else does article marketing improve? It improves your search engine results page (SERP) listings. The higher page rank you receive from article marketing directly relates to higher SERP listings. The higher you rank on search pages the more traffic heads to your site. Therefore, you drive pre-sold traffic to your site the more your articles make their rounds throughout cyber land.The key to successful affiliate marketing is gaining a reputation as a businessperson. This is why article marketing is so essential to your business. It accomplishes so many goals all at once for you, for very little cost.The return on investment you receive is significant. On top of that coveted higher page rank and those higher SERP listings comes credibility. When web searchers deem you credible, they are really saying you are trustworthy.You can measure how credible and trustworthy your audience believes you are quite easily. You do this by looking at your website “hits” and “sales conversions” before and after article marketing campaigns. Also, look at that page rank number and those SERP listings before and after an article marketing effort. You will see concrete proof that sustained article marketing efforts work.Your first step is to research and write those quality articles. If you don’t have the time, there are freelance writing providers who offer solutions to your lack of time for writing. Next, choose the best article marketing service available. Select one who will engage in broad and continuous distribution of your work. Then watch your page rank and SERP listings, as well as your affiliate income grow.