How the Experts Generate Direct Sales Leads – Qualified Leads for Free

When it comes to generating direct sales leads & qualified leads for free, every MLM distributor wants to know how. Understanding business sales leads, how to find leads and how to attract free MLM leads like the pros are three key ingredients. I will explain each of these concepts in this article, and show how you can leverage them to create your own stream of free network marketing leads.

The Importance of Business Sales Leads

Business sales leads are the backbone of any business organization. Specifically home based business leads generation is the lifeblood of a growing organization. Without business opportunity leads, regardless of the source, the business will die. The central problem facing most direct sales distributors is “Where am I going to get network marketing leads that are of the highest quality?”

Of course, in this e-commerce environment in which we live, online lead generation is the solution. You can easily capture a few hundred highly targeted prospects each week this way. But where do you find that or develop the skill set to generate high quality leads? The simple answer is through network marketing training. That’s not always easy but in the next paragraph I’ll share some insight into what that training should entail.

How to Find Leads

The most obvious way of finding prospects for many years has been through lead generation services. In this day and age there is absolutely no need to pay anyone for leads especially those that everyone else is using. One very well noted MLM company reports its average distributor pays over $1,200 per month on leads! That’s absurd; wastes good money; and doesn’t generate leads of the highest quality.

Quite honestly I have found article marketing to be the most effective means to address the challenge of “how to build traffic.” But not just any traffic. I’m talking about very focused traffic that is specifically looking for your product and is ready to buy.

Let me explain how to get free traffic through article marketing. People are searching the internet for solutions to their problems. Much like you did in finding this article. So the author’s mission is to introduce a viable solution to a problem through valuable content. If you succeed in doing that in the limitations of a short article, the reader will click on your link for additional valuable information and, hopefully, the rest of the solution to their problem. So understanding this let’s see how it’s done.

How to Attract Free MLM Leads Like the Pros

Although I have slanted this article for direct sales or MLM lead generation, it applies to any nature of sales. After all what business doesn’t want free sales leads? “Marketing online free” is an oft searched term on the Internet. Thus it is obvious people what to know how. So we write an article, the easiest way of attracting readers, for that subject or search term explaining three or four relevant points. All you need to do is pay a small fee for a domain name and hosting service that uses WordPress and you’re in business. You can literally begin attracting multi-level marketing leads within a few hours of reading this article.

Generating direct sales leads & qualified leads for free is easy and it’s fun! Most people understand the importance of business sales leads but don’t know how to find them so they go out and pay enormous sums of money for a few stale overused names. Why? That’s no way to find leads. You can begin attracting very well qualified leads today or at the very least within just a couple of days by writing meaningful articles that address people’s problems.

Direct Mail Strategies in 2 Punches

How many of us receive direct mail postcards or mail? I received one the other day on weight loss and I’m in no need to lose any weight. It was a decent piece and I kept it to for my swipe file. Nevertheless, you may get these direct mail pieces and pay attention to them or toss them out.

In my life, I’ve only responded to perhaps one or two of those things because I kind of didn’t trust some unless it was a well known local or big business.

The people I responded to offered me a service using an old, time tested, marketing method in two simple punches:

Punch 1: Generate a lead – Got me to call their 800 number, fill out a form online, or email them.

Knock Out Punch 2: Provided the requested information – They provided me via phone or Internet the information I was looking for and they clearly delivered on it.

What is the great deal about this one two punch system?

It is way easier and cheaper to create a lead (interested customer) than it is to try to sell some in one punch. In boxing the idea is to knock the other guy to the mat or at least out last him before the bell rings right?

So that would require taking small punches or jabs at him and eventually wearing him down rather than swing barbarically, wasting time and energy. The same philosophy is to be made in business when marketing or advertising.

With direct mail strategies, you do not want to the prospect to give up their money initially. You want them to wear down, which is equivalent to getting them comfortable with you, then you knock them out with a great offer.

A great way to do this is with the use of postcards. They are relatively contemptible and you can promote them to a targeted audience of prospects and customers to generate leads (inquiries of your products or services). After this you’d simply follow up with them and turn them into sales. This is called a conversion.

One of the most important things this does in addition is it helps create a list of people who are interested (slightly or heavily) in what you have to offer. You can continue to follow up with that person that didn’t complete the sale, with future offers until they finally buy.

You’ve seen that process where you sign up with something and didn’t buy but they kept sending offers once in a while and finally you saw something you wanted and purchased. That is direct mail or direct marketing at its finest.

It’s vital to get the information of the people who respond to your direct mail piece and follow up with them. This will help you increase future sales with very little effort. It should be your company policy to always follow up with your list or leads of interested customers.

The Most Successful Use of Postcards:

Your postcard is only to engage interest in the mind of your prospect in order for them to take an action in contact you. The purpose is to get their information and not money. The postcard only wants to get contact information of interested people.

The first punch is to get interest, the second punch is to get them to a response, by calling, signing up, or emailing.

You should have three (3) parts in your postcard message:

  • A clear statement of the biggest benefit of your product or service (in long distance phone service a cost savings would be a great benefit)
  • A good reason for them to contact you NOW (limited time offer)
  • A simple, easy way for them to respond (an 800 number or website for example)

Keep it brief, I mean it is on a postcard for crying out loud. Shorter messages produce more leads than longer ones.

Here is an example I’ve done:

What 99% of Teachers Don’t Know and Will Never Find Out About How to Explode Their Students Subject Interest

Call 800-777-1212 for Your Copy of Our Free Report:

Offer ends 9-5-09 (Print a date less than 3 weeks from your mailing date to create some urgency).

Of course you mail this to teachers and you have a free report ready for them! Many will respond simply to find out what they don’t know. And since they responded you have their info to sell to them in the future with an offer that fits them best.

This method works and is sure to produce a large number of inquiries if sent to your proper targeted market. This 2 Punch Marketing System Works. Use the tips you have read here to create your next postcard’s message and just watch what happens.

You will generate a bunch of leads from people who are truly interested in your products and services.

Due Daniels

Direct Marketing Systems For Business Success

If you are not getting the sales you want, effective direct marketing systems are probably not part of your marketing toolkit.

Marketing Effectiveness

Mass marketing methods used to work, but these days, traditional marketing to mass audiences is very wasteful. In his book, Permission Marketing, Seth Godin claims that, on average, we are subjected to around 3,000 marketing messages each day. The message we need to understand from this situation, as marketers, is that it is becoming far more difficult to get our message through to our market, because the clutter of marketing messages makes it almost impossible to attract attention.

With the effectiveness of mass marketing methods having deteriorated over the years to the point of relative ineffectiveness that they have now reached, the most important strategy for us in marketing has become identifying and targeting our most receptive audience. Marketing now needs to be up close and personal to be effective. It does not matter how good our message is and what media we use, if we are not directing our communication to someone who is desperately hungry for our product we stand little chance of success.

Target Market

Can you describe your ideal customer? To effectively target your customers you need to be able to describe the ideal customer in intimate detail. To more effectively communicate with your target market, you need to know the physical and geographic elements that describe your ideal customer, what makes them tick and why they like your product. Having identified our target market, we now need to find out how to communicate our message. This element has two aspects: what is our message and what media we use to deliver it.


Our message to our market must achieve a five things:
1. Attract the attention of our target market by addressing a specific need
2. Present an attractive solution to satisfy the particular need
3. Present proof that our solution is the best
4. Create an urgency to seek the solution now, and
5. Motivate action to obtain the solution.

Our message need not necessarily be delivered in a single communication, although if it can be effectively done in one hit, only use one hit. However, for many products or services, a series of communications may be required to effectively deliver the message. Our direct marketing system is what we need to design to deliver our message appropriately. Our direct marketing system will comprise as many steps and methods as we need to work our way through these five stages of acceptance.

Our initial direct marketing messages must be directed towards generating leads by attracting the attention of the people in our market who have the need our product addresses. It will depend on the maturity of our market as to how much work we need to do at this point. For new products, lead generation may require considerable work to educate the market about the existence of the problem before you can present your solution. For more mature products, a need is often very apparent.

Once we have attracted attention, our aim is to get those people to identify themselves as having the particular need, so that we can turn our efforts towards lead conversion. This is achieved through the final four steps of our direct marketing system. The scepticism that exists in the world today means that you have to work hard to get your market to accept your product is the best solution to meet their need. You must be careful how you make this claim. It must be believable and acceptable.

We all tend to procrastinate and put off taking action to the last minute. You need to overcome this inertia by creatively communicating reasons to “do it now.” Using the concept of impending loss is the most effective method to achieve urgency. This can often be achieved through communicating scarcity and the risk of missing out if immediate action is not taken. This could also be achieved with the risk of a price rise leading to a perceived loss of the price difference if the purchase is left to after the price rise. However, there are many other ways to communicate urgency and it is best to be creative rather than use tired and unimaginative methods that customers may see through and regard as mere techniques to get them to buy now.

The most important element after getting this far is to motivate action to buy. Many marketing communications are weak at this point. Many ads we see promote a product and do everything else right, but leave out the call to action. Subtlety is an ineffective marketing tool. You need to tell your customers what you want them to do to buy your product.


The final step in developing our direct marketing system is to determine the appropriate media to use. Many people make the mistake of thinking about media first and then developing the message. This often happens when you have an advertising sales person pressuring you to buy space in their media. This approach leads to poor or worse, zero results. When you have identified your target market and developed the appropriate messages, the decision about media is much easy to work out. Often, it will depend on how easy your target market is to reach. You need to use the most efficient means of attracting the attention of the people most ready to buy. In lead conversion processes, you may use a combination of direct mail, internet (email and web sites), or personal selling approaches, again depending upon the ease of reach.


One vital aspect of developing an effective direct marketing system and a huge advantage over traditional marketing approaches, is the ability to test your system before you commit enormous amounts of money to it. Mass media marketing is expensive and unaccountable. Direct marketing systems give you the ability to measure results and track your return on investment. You can trial your system in small quantities before you roll it out to a larger audience. Eventually, with the right fine tuning, your direct marketing system will deliver predictable results. You will be able to plan your expenditure and schedule your marketing program to deliver the sales volumes you need at any time. Ultimately, your direct marketing system should deliver you all the sales from the most preferable and profitable customers that you would ever want.