Tax Flyers Everywhere! The Power of Direct Mail for Your Tax Prep Company

Today, marketing is more crucial than ever before for tax preparation industry professionals. Competition is around every corner and the only way to dominate your local area market is through powerful direct mail marketing campaigns. You can’t afford to “hope” that customers find you!

One of the most cost-effective ways of launching an effective marketing campaign is by designing, printing, and direct mailing your full-color flyers to every household surrounding your business. It is wise to drive to as many potential customers to your service as possible before and during peak tax filing season.

When planning a marketing campaign, it is best to start within a specified radius of the business location and then gradually spread out as the business grows. For example, target every household within a one to three mile radius of your location. This puts thousands of offers into thousands of homes, literally overnight.

Although flyers are meant to bring in the big bucks, it takes a great design and the cooperation of the business owner to design, print, and mail a flyer that works as a cash-cow.

When preparing to mail or distribute tax flyers to local area potential customers, make sure that they are benefit-pronated. By focusing on the benefits of your service, you perk the interest of potential clients, out-gun the competition, and increase your chances to convert more eyeballs into leads, and ultimately sales.

There is no benefit in mailing tax service flyers that only contain your contact information – you must give people a reason to call, click, or visit without hesitation. It’s always about the offer when it comes to tax service marketing.

Think about using powerful headlines and words such as:








It is also very smart to add some sort of coupon or discount with a limited time offer. By creating a great incentive and supporting the offer with “a sense of urgency,” you will find that more potential clients contact you without delay.

Good luck and have a happy Tax Season!