Network Marketing Sales Training – How to Profit More Than Anybody

The direct sales business and network marketing industry is has seen its share of network marketing sales trainers that have over promised and under delivered. To be honest it is hard to know who to trust these days. That is why I want to give you free extremely valuable information that will help you in your MLM home based business. The 5 key points that I am sharing below are pillars that are essential to your success. My word of caution is that this only works if you are plugged into a MLM system online.

1. Your own customizable capture page
This allows you to stand out from everybody else in your company. Most people are marketing company replicated sites and are not getting the network marketing sales they want. Learning this one internet marketing strategy alone will separate you from the masses. This will allow you to brand yourself and not your company.

2. Build your own list
Your list are people that you can build relationships with down the road. Of course it may start out small but imagine it growing to 300, 1000, and soon into tens of thousands. This is how the top network marketing sales trainers make serious money. They have their own list and they market to them. Keep in mind you can’t just market anything so I’ll teach you what to market.

3. Streamline Sales Funnel
This is another secret of the top marketers. Having a guided sales funnel that you send your prospects through is critical. Reason being because you can monetize as much as possible from your list. Not everyone will join you in your business. So having a way to make money off those that don’t join you will keep you in the game long enough till your residual kicks in from your primary company.

4. Duplicatable Training Platform
Let’s face it. There are only 24 hours in a day. Contrary to popular belief you do not make money for training nor have time to train everyone. You only make network marketing sales doing two things: marketing and talking to qualified prospects on the phone so they can join your direct sales business. Having a web based internet marketing system in place will help remove you from the equation. Just point your downline in the right direction. Teach them to do the same for their teammates and that is what I call duplication.

5. Proven way to get your primary opportunity in front of people
After you have shown so much value to your prospects, who by the way are those in network marketing, they will be open to look at your primary opportunity. This is where the magic kicks in. At this point they will feel like they owe you. So some will actually join you in business without even calling you.

This type of network marketing sales training I know is different from what is being taught in traditional MLM. If this way of network marketing is more appealing to you and you want to learn internet marketing strategies then don’t waste anymore time. Don’t procrastinate take action now.

A Network Marketing Internet Business Or Affiliate Marketing? You Choose

Would you like to have financial independence through building your own Internet business? Are you considering joining a network marketing Internet business as means of building a good residual income for when you retire? Or are you attracted to the opportunities that affiliate marketing gives you?

Let us examine both of these Internet businesses models.

First, let us look at affiliate marketing. With Affiliate Marketing, the affiliate’s efforts are directed at ultimately getting people to visit another company’s website and buy that company’s products. The affiliate does not have to worry about stock levels, and is not directly concerned with handling payments, distributing the product or providing customer care.

Instead, the affiliate simply focuses on promoting the company’s product and getting as many customers as possible to visit the company’s website. Affiliates earn their money from the commission on those sales that are a direct result of their marketing and promotion efforts. When a visitor to their website clicks on the link to the company’s site and then buys the product, the affiliate earns commission on that sale.

Once an affiliate has developed their business around a niche area and are earning regular commission, they can then repeat the process for another niche area. This enables them to have multiples niche sites and build a good living through multiple income streams.

Now let us examine how a network marketing Internet business works. A network marketing Internet business, also referred to as MLM or multi-level marketing, is based on the following:

1. The MLM scheme sells the product to its distributors. The distributors sell and distribute the product directly to the consumer.
2. The distributor makes a commission on each sale.
3. The distributor recruits new distributors who become part of their sales and distribution network.
4. Distributors earn commission on the sales made by the distributors they have recruited into their sales network. They also earn commission on the sales made by the distributors their own recruits have introduced to the scheme.

This multi-level payment scheme is the essence of any multi level marketing business. The model encourages you to build your own network of distributors and rewards you with commission on the sales made by your sales network. You continue to get income even when you go off on holiday.

A word of warning! If you are considering joining a network marketing Internet business, make sure you know where your income is coming from. Unless there are good, decent products that you are confident you can sell, find another scheme.

Before joining a distributor’s sales network, thoroughly research that specific network marketing Internet business. Find objective reviews, visit the various MLM forums and see what is being said about the scheme in question. Post questions on the forums regarding any concerns or issues you may have. Get all the answers before you join so you do not have any nasty surprises later on.

Attention Grabbing Advertising, Marketing and Promotion Items That Turn and Rotate

In the quest to gain new customers through creative direct mail it is possible to over-egg the pudding by trying to be too clever. There are certain attributes that are very desirable in a mail shot but it is easy to go too far in trying to achieve certain goals. For example, customer interaction is a terrific commodity in B2B direct marketing but if it is not immediately obvious how the interaction works then spontaneity goes out of the window and the opportunity can be lost. Marketing professionals are well advised to keep things simple but nonetheless entertaining.

In order to turn an information sheet into a simple, interactive information tool with an obvious interaction, designers need to look no further than towards a simple stationery eyelet as a tool to provide many answers. This point is best illustrated if we take a look at circular information charts.

Circular Information Discs are Popular Promotional Tools

The main problem with this type of product is that no-one knows what they are called – wheel charts, information discs, calculators, roundels and spinners are just a few of the more common names. Whatever you may call them doesn’t alter the basic fact that they are very popular information tools that are used to promote a myriad of products. They are usually made up of either two or three discs custom printed in full colour and fastened at the centre with a metal eyelet. The eyelet allows the discs to turn around the central point in order to locate certain items of information. The top disc usually has a window or aperture through which it is easy to read information. This info can be the answer to a question, technical data or a list of products for example. Whatever it is, the reader has to interact with the disc in order to read it and so the disc becomes a good product for B2B direct marketing.

Another product that has promotional uses and that is similar to the information discs described above is a product that is familiar in the UK and many parts of Europe and that is a parking disc. In the UK in particular, such products are often used as promotion items produced on behalf of the auto industry and targeted at the motorist.

The simple metal eyelet is also at the heart of other promotional items. Take, for example, a set of information cards.

Fan-like Display Created by Eyelet Fastener

Swatch cards, also known as fan cards and information cards, are printed, die-cut, collated and fastened in one corner using a metal eyelet so that they open like a hand-held ladies fan. Such cards come in a variety of shapes and in sizes, usually from credit card size to A5 and are generally printed in full colour on 300gsm art board or a similar substrate.

There are other ways to use metal eyelets in the creation of movement and one example is to use two eyelets to present a motion similar to that produced by a fly wheel or a camshaft. The product is usually presented as a sleeve with the mechanics on the inside. A wheel at the side of the sleeve is fastened at the centre and is turned in an even, circular motion by the user. Within the sleeve, a die-cut piece is connected to the wheel by a long shaft which is eyeletted to the wheel in an off-centre position. When the wheel is turned, the shaft moves up and down with it but as the die-cut piece is held within a slot, the movement is somewhat irregular – like a “bobbing” motion. With the use of creative graphics, the die-cut piece can be made to look like a duck or a boat bobbing along in water.

Each of these products are very simple and obvious in their operation and all it takes is a little imagination to transform a potentially mundane mailer into an interesting promotional piece. Sourcing this type of product will not be difficult as most commercial printers have access to eyeletting and die-cutting services. Many printers offer a full service including product design. One such company is Whitney Woods.